Monday, April 6, 2009

Men's Style Monday: Checks Are Not Just For Preps

Checks and gingham prints are making a splash this season, especially in menswear. Incorporating some colorful checkered patterns into your wardrobe is a must for style-seeking men this Spring. The best bets to try are a gingham shirt or tie, both are versatile enough to look good dressed up or down. Pictured is a handsome green and navy check woven silk Nordstrom-brand tie (How great would this tie look for Easter Sunday or an outdoor Spring wedding?) and a Banana Republic light gray slim fit checkered dress shirt, that would look great for the office or tucked into jeans for an easy-going weekend ensemble. Keep in mind: Don't mix checkered patterns whatever you do! One gingham print per outfit is plenty! :)

Sylishly yours,


  1. Hey fashion girl! I have a random question for you...are cowgirl boots out of style for the coming spring/summer 2009 seasons? Do you want to write a blog post about what shoes are in if not?

    I am noticing some of my alabama friends wearing cowgirl boots with dresses, but before I go out and buy a pair, I want to know if they are "so out" or "still cute" with dresses and skirts. Any help would be great!

  2. Hi Julia! Great question! In my book, cowboy boots are a wardrobe essential that are always "in style." I will blog about them in the next few days! Keep the ideas coming...and in the mean time, go out and treat yourself to fun pair of boots! Lauren