Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Clearly a Fashion Fix-It

Are you as tired as I am of your jeans gapping in the back? Or constantly tugging your pants up as they slip down on your hips over and over? I am personally very excited about a new, invisable solution to these common wardrobe woes: The IsABelt. The IsABelt is a thin, strong and flexible belt, that virtually disappears when worn, providing you with the assurance that all is secure without even knowing it's there. This fashion fix-it has been been receiving plenty of press latley, on everything from The Today Show to magazines like People, Glamour and Real Simple. It's available for order online for only $16.95. In my book, a fashion fix-it is always in-style!

Stylishly yours,


  1. Ingenious! I'm so getting one!

  2. I have to get one! I will be sure to keep you posted as to how it works. Buffie