Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Strap Perfect

I recently "took the plunge" and purchased the "As Seen on TV" Strap Perfect at my local Target, thinking for just $9.99, why not give it a whirl?! :) I tried it out for the first time with a tank top, transforming a basic bra into a racer back...and I have to say that I was impressed! Though a bit difficult to put on and adjust at first, this little plastic gadget concealed my bra straps wonderfully and stayed in place all day. I recommend this bra solution as a much less expensive alternative to investing in multiple styles of bras...and I so wish I had found it sooner! And with 6 "Strap Perfects" to a pack, I don't foresee myself having to buy a new racer back bra nor more "Strap Perfects" for quite a while...which frees up more of my clothing budget for "fun clothes," which always is happy news! :)

Stylishly yours,

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