Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Skin Therapy

I love sharing my favorite beauty and cosmetic products from time to time. This one is gender-neutral, so all you gentlemen should keep on reading! I've recently discovered the best Exfoliating Cream I have ever tried (and I have tried dozens over the years!): Micro Exfoliating Cream by Therapy Systems. (Therapy Systems is a way- cool Skincare and Cosmetic Store in Nashville, TN.) I am convinced that regular exfoliation is a key ingredient in smooth, radiant, beautiful skin. This product is amazing!! Ladies, your makeup will apply smoother and your face will instantly look more luminous. Men, your shave will be much closer and smoother after using this exfoliating cream. At $48, it certainly isn't inexpensive, however, the cream is so concentrated that a jar should easily last a year. I love it when I find a product that gives professional results at home!

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