Monday, August 17, 2009

Men's Style Monday: Suiting Tips

A suit is one of the most essential items in a man's closet. It's also one of the common wardrobe mishaps for men. Here's a few pointers when it comes to wearing a suit with proper style:
1. The first place to look for proper fit is the shoulder. You want to make sure the shoulder of the suit does not extend past your own natural shoulder but that you have a full range of motion throughout the shoulder when the jacket is buttoned.
2. Most men wear their suit sleeves too long. The sleeve of your jacket should cover your wrist, not your hand. About a half-inch of shirt sleeve should show beneath that.
3. Don't be afraid to wear brown shoes with a navy suit. They are a chic alternative to black. In fact, a navy suit is the most essential suit you can own, since it looks great any time of year.
4. Wear ties only with dress shirts, not with sports shirts. Dress shirts are sized to one's neck and arm measurements. Sports shirts are sized S,M,L and XL and are generally meant to be worn unbuttoned without a tie. You want to make sure you can fit two fingers into your buttoned collar for comfort and proper fit.

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