Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Trusty Ol' Cardigan Just Got Better

"The classics are always modern."
Edward Bulwer-Lytton

I have a slight obsession with V-neck cardigans (or "cardis" as I like to call them) these days. They are a no-brainer way to totally expand your wardrobe since you can layer them over any dress, tee, blouse or camisole. They look great open, belted or buttoned. I think this is one of the most practical pieces for transitioning your wardrobe into spring and to throw in your luggage when you travel over the spring/summer months, to ensure warmth for cool evenings and airplane flights. Luckily, a lot of happily-bright spring colors are hitting the stores this month and the selection of cardigans is plentiful.

I am very impressed by the look, feel and price-point of the Gap's "New V-neck Cardigan." Priced at a reasonable $44, this cardigan comes in 16 colors!! I am particularly found of the colors "purple loganberry" (shown above), "calypso" and "studio green."

Another to try: Old Navy's "Lightweight Boyfriend Cardigans", priced at only $29.50. Although this version doesn't come in a wide array of colors, I love the length and men's styling. I think I might have to pick up the "Dark Sea Blue" Striped (shown on right) one for myself!! (Remember to check the websites and order online for the best assortment of sizes and colors.)

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